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mirage painting

The woman stood proud, looking at the artwork whilst admiring the piece she finished with immense fulfillment coming from her chest as she hung it up on the wall of her art studio. She never thought of pining that she chose the field of arts, she was shamed by others, due to the fact she never pursued her talent for sciences. She vowed to herself that she would never look back and focus on the smooth flow of her brush as she grabbed another blank canvas to start once more. “A new start, a new chance to create art.” As she liked to say, often chuckling to herself as she reminded herself of how delightful the feeling is.

Life in the art industry for her wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine mixed with the faint smell of art mediums. As much as she didn’t want to linger on the memory, she can’t help but remember all the tough and scarring events she’s faced and who knows, might face again. She took this and changed it into a positive, whenever she would recall them, she grabs a blank canvas and makes sure to have her materials at the ready and interpret whatever she thinks about and feels in the moment, and designs a masterpiece.

She promised herself to incorporate whatever flaw and refrain from any kind of erasure whilst making her work and turn it into something exquisite, she’s determined to involve herself in this change as well, she’s always believed that as long as we have the will to change for the better, we could always better ourselves.

As she finishes and ends it with a final stroke of her brush, she looks at it in awe and smiles. “One step at a time, it’s just like developing as we go on a journey of finding our own preferred and unique art style!”. After cleaning up and closing her art studio, she was desperate to plop onto her bed. She quietly scolded herself remembering the copious amounts of coffee she drank earlier, coming up with the conclusion that the caffeine was still in her system, once she arrived at her small yet cozy home, she was tired yet sleep didn’t want to come over her. She settled on her work desk instead but not before groaning and dropping her bag, with the want to find something to busy herself with, fingertips gliding briefly at the array of various novels, sketchbooks, notebooks — you name it! Right before stopping at the first-ever sketchbook she got, sighing at the memories of her mom embracing her while her dad went upstairs to fetch the art supply set he bought for her. Giggling as he made his way to her embrace, laughing with all his chest, “it was even for sale!” making everyone erupt into small snickers. She was there, happy that her family accepted her and what her dreams were.

She smiled and opened it… huh. A blush crept at her freckled cheeks, her eyes slightly widening. Her eyes settle on the painting consisting of red to yellow hues forming a beautiful mix. I never really treated it like a sketchbook, more like a diary for my secrets translated onto drawings.” She thought to herself. She had puppy love feelings for this one person, the way their eyes shine when they look at the moon or their unusual yet adorable love for flowers, their comforting words that they shared when she was struggling with people’s doubts on her entering the art scene. The sketchbook was rather full of poems, it might’ve just been puppy love but she was forever thankful for their presence when she needed someone the most. Like the young fool she was, she thought their relationship would bloom into something more but after taking off her rose-coloured glasses, it was never the case. Before they both parted ways, she made a mirage painting and gave it to them as a parting gift. Recalling the conversation they shared… “Oh! Thanks for this! Looks like a pretty sunset.” They said with a bright smile on their faces that could easily be at par with the sun’s dazzling rays. Well, maybe that was an overstatement… but she couldn’t deny it. “It’s a mirage painting.” After mustering up the courage, she eventually spat out “You were the light during the days where everything hurt and aches and I when I was too scared to burden my family, even if the sparks I felt were an illusion that I formed in my mind, I know that something similar was there and that’s why giving this to you.” “Thank you for being the prettiest mirage I’ve ever seen in my life.”


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