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Application Process

We are not accepting incoming Grade 11 students and transferees

Interim Guidelines for Grade 7

4. Interview

The interview shall be done  face-to-face modality. Only those students who meet the cut-off score from the admission test shall be scheduled for an interview. Applicants shall be given points based on the following: 

Communication: 6 points

Response to Questions: 10 points

General Attitude: 4 points

Total: 20 points

3. Admission Test

The admission test shall be taken on-site (at the Makati Science High School testing rooms) and shall be conducted in two (2) batches on Saturday, April 15, 2023, at 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Each testing room shall only accommodate a maximum of 20 test takers. Health protocols shall be observed.


Test t- takers should be in the school at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of examination and should bring the following: pencil and eraser, test permit, and school ID.

2. Requirements

  • Completely filled-out Application form (can be downloaded  from

  • Certified True Copy of Grade 6 School Form 9 (Learner's Progress Report Card)

  • Certified True Copy of Grade 5 Report Card

  • Certified True Copy of Good Moral Character

  • Proof of payment (for applicants in private schools and public schools outside the City of Makati)

The Makati Science High School shall implement the Interim Guidelines for the Selection of Incoming Grade 7 for SY 2023-2024. With the easing of the alert level status in the National Capital Region, modifications for the process of recruitment of Grade 7 students shall be implemented as follows:

1. Qualifications

The pre-admission is open to all Grade Six (6) elementary students from the public and private schools within or outside the City of Makati.

All applicants must have a final grade average of at least 90% in Grade 5 and a grade of at least 90% in Mathematics, Science and English and Final grade of at least 87% in all other subjects. Further, the applicant must have a grade of at least 87% in Grade 6 in Mathematics, Science and English and a grade of at least 85% in other subjects (in the first, second and third quarters, whichever is applicable).

The applicant must be of good moral character.

The applicants shall undergo two stages namely:

(1) On-site Admission test which shall comprise 80% of the score 

(2) On-site Interview which shall comprise 20% of the total score of the applicant.

5. Payment for the Admission Test

The said admission test is free of charge for learners who will graduate from the public elementary schools of Makati. Such testing fee/s shall be charged against catering/originating elementary school’s Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE), subject to the usual auditing and accounting rules and regulations. However, qualified test-takers from public schools outside Makati and private schools shall pay PhP 180.00 directly to the accredited testing service provider. Details may be obtained from the Makati Science High School Guidance Office, Ground Floor. Proof of payment must be submitted together with the documentary requirements.

6. Submission of Application

The application for the 2023 Makati Science High School Admission Test is extended until April 21, 2023, Friday, up to 5 p.m. only.


Applicants from the DepEd-Makati City public schools shall submit the documents to their respective guidance counselors/teachers who shall be in-charge of submitting the said documents to the School Guidance Office.


Applicants from private schools and other public schools outside the City of Makati shall submit their required documents directly to the School Guidance Office. 

8. Schedule

The new schedule of the admission test will be  on May 6, 2023, Saturday.

For inquiries and concerns


School Contact Number: 7006-9453

School Testing Coordinator: Ms. Virginia Marieta E. Mariano

7. Results

Only a maximum of 270 learners shall be accepted for admission to Grade 7 after the ranking of test (80% of the overall ranking) and interview (20% of the overall ranking) results. Learners from the public and private schools/public schools outside the City of Makati shall be ranked separately based on the 60-40 scheme. The upper 162 learners from DepEd- Makati City public schools and the upper 108 learners from the private schools and public schools outside the City of Makati shall be accepted for enrolment next school year. This number may vary depending on the results of the administered test (cut-off score).

Results of the admission test and interview shall be communicated through the email account of the applicant’s parents as reflected in the application form.


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