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With the banner theme of NCCA’s 2023 National Art Month being "Ani ng Sining, Bunga ng Galing", students used their artistic capabilities to show their pride in our culture as Filipinos through this art competition, “Mga Obra ng Ating Kultura”. This encouraged the students to dig deep into their roots and history, and allowed them to discover and understand the talent that a Filipino can hold.


We welcome you to our online art exhibit, showcasing the work that our fellow Sining Gang members have worked on!

The piece depicts a Pilipino woman with long black hair wearing a traditional blue saya dress blending in with her skin and the background in an attempt to replicate an abstract oil painting-like style within a digital medium. Half the woman’s face is covered with a mask usually seen in Maskara Festivals celebrated in Bacolod City. Two fabric patterns weave around her body and the canvas, the red one is inspired by Yakan fabric patterns, while the pattern on her hair is inspired by T’boli patterns.

Alexa Izadora Allera

kwek kwek kwek kwek watermark - Valerie Jane Elejedo.png

Valerie Jane Elejedo