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Bunny Girl Senpai

This is one show that I think needs more attention and praise. Despite its very misleading title, it is in no way about bunny girls for it is only a minor detail. Instead, it focuses on many social problems and stigmas experienced by adolescents in today’s society. It focuses on Sakuta Azusagawa, someone who’s almost too honest, as he encounters several girls who have what is called “Adolescence Syndrome” The syndrome manifests in an often supernatural manner such as body switching and invisibility. They are an exaggerated form of a certain problem that each of the girls experience such as anxiety and jealousy.The first girl Sakuta meets is Mai Sakurajima, his schoolmate who is also a famous model and actress. After the two get involved with each other a bit, it is found out that her Adolescence Syndrome manifested by giving her invisibility. Later on, it is revealed the real reason of Mai’s troubles were a desire to disappear into a world were nobody knew her. She loved her job but with constant stress and pushy parents, this quickly created some problems. Sakuta cured this by boldly proclaiming his love for her in front of the school, instilling in everyone’s minds that Mai Sakurajima exists and is a normal person with her own problems. Mai quickly fell for Sakuta but asked him to tell her how much he loved her every day for a month, only then would she become his girlfriend. This may sound simple at first but after you’ve seen all the troubles that Mai has been through, it quickly becomes obvious how much Sakuta has helped her. It tells us that no matter what our circumstances are, we should always stay strong and push forward in through the messy path of life. The plot only becomes better from here, so if you have a Netflix account and time to spare, give this romcom/drama anime a shot.

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