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CW's The 100

Updated: May 29, 2021

As with all of the great shows that I've stumbled upon, The 100 came to me in the form of a recommendation, albeit this one came from a random tweet I saw saying that this show was criminally underrated. To whoever that kind and gracious soul may be, I give my utmost thanks, for you have led me to one of the best dystopian-themed series I have ever seen.

The 100 follows the story of the supposedly last remaining human beings aboard a set of conjoined spaces stations called the Ark. After riding out the nuclear apocalypse, the survivors are now forced to abandon their dying ship as they send out 100 teenagers to face the Earth and to confirm if it is indeed habitable. For such a good show, it had a weak start, but the main appeal of this sci-fi adventure is its dark character-driven plot and intense character development. Even as I write the opening synopsis to introduce this, I know that the show will change so much that it will not even resemble a glimpse of what it once was. This is not about some degenerate teenagers doing god knows what, this is an exploration into the depths of the human psyche, as we follow the metamorphosis of these feeble souls into unrelenting and driven spirits shaped by an unforgiving landscape. I was stunned at how each characters’ decision molded their very being. The gravity of it all was surreal. Every season brings so much more to the table yet I love the fluidity in each transition.

As of now, I've only seen the first 5 seasons available on Netflix and I am pretty much thrilled to see the last 2 seasons left. If your mind thirsts for a one of a kind science fiction story, with an underlying insight on the malevolence of human nature, I highly recommend The 100. So go watch it! Or not, but I do hope that you’ll find the same level of enjoyment with the show as I did!

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