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“For this year, Tempo aims to continue learning and building foundations in dance through regular training and conditioning of the members, keeping in mind that it is important we grow in our skills not only individually, but also as a team, so we may move forward together in unity despite present issues and struggles that may hinder the team’s development.” – Anya Winona Reyes, Club President


Our mission is to teach and enrich the MakSci community about the significance and art of dance, emphasizing humility and diligence as essential values of learners and ensuring the growth of its members in terms of skills and character.

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Fueled by faith. Run by passion.

MSHS Dance Crew: TEMPO

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Tempo is a club dedicated to promoting the art form of dance, as well as educating the MakSci community about its significance. It is committed to developing and honoring its members’ abilities to execute creative and rhythmic expressions through various dance styles. With its motto “Fueled by faith. Run by passion.”, Tempo aims to be role models, displaying qualities that radiate faith and hard work, and qualities that emphasize humility and diligence. In Tempo, discipline and hard work is exercised to improve camaraderie and overall excellence.


Our vision is to become role models in the MakSci community, displaying qualities that radiate faith and hard work, qualities that cannot only be seen in our lives as dancers but also as students and citizens of the country.

Image by Troy Taylor


Training Sessions

As a part of every dancer’s journey, more than learning about vocabulary and enriching their knowledge in dance, they must also regularly train their bodies to improve necessary components of physical fitness such as endurance, flexibility, body coordination, and muscular strength. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, members were restricted to meet and train in a face-to- face set-up. Nevertheless, Tempo’s dance coach, Wee Remigio, ensures that they remain conditioned by conducting regular virtual training sessions.

“Silence” Tempo Choreography Video

What better way to introduce a new dance crew to the student body than present to them an official dance performance video? To kick start Tempo’s activities as Makati Science High School’s dance crew, founding members filmed a performance video of original choreography to the song Silence by Marshmello ft. Khalid and posted it on the club’s social media platforms. This was also the members’ first creative project to work on with each other and so fundamental principles of the team and small steps to achieving strong camaraderie were established throughout the creation of this project.

Chosen Ground 15, held on November 24, 2019, at New Frontier Theatre, was Tempo’s first dance competition since being officially formed in April of the same year. Hosted by the UP Streetdance Crew, the competition was open to all dance crews of the Philippines, school-based and independent crews. This gave Tempo good exposure to the dance culture outside the school through witnessing and meeting fellow dancers and experiencing building teamwork in a competitive setting.

Chosen Ground 15

Agapay Online Fundraising Concert

To help Gail Salor, a student of Makati Science High School, in her fight against stage 3 lymphoma cancer, Tempo participated in “Agapay”, an online fundraising concert led by the MSHS Supreme Student Government. The crew performed pieces of original choreography to the songs She Was Mine, Windowpane, and Biglang Liko. Together with the event coordinators, fellow performers, supporters, and those who donated, Agapay was successful to have raised significant financial support for the Salor Family.

Image by Alina Rubo


Anya Winona H. Reyes


Alec John M. Rac

Vice President

Fearl Denise E. Cañete


Gilliane Vitina A. Mangaser

Project Manager

Moreen Ashlei B. Lacsamana


Juan Miguel T. Fernando

Assistant Treasurer

Christine G. Soleto

Grade 10 Batch Representative

Jaa Ann Zoe L. Mariano

Grade 11 Batch Representative

Kyle M. Saul

Grade 12 Batch Representative

Mikaela Martha C. Parocha

Grade 9 Batch Representative